The gear...
Take a few minutes to browse through the gear we use.  Storm chasing is a lot more complex than just looking at the clouds.  It can be that simple, but we choose to do what it takes to have the best possible experience every time we chase.
Camera/computer mounts Electronics
The Morganti Mount II
In-vehicle camera mounts have always been a concern.  No one likes to drill holes in their vehicle and thanks to the genius of Brian Morganti, a very practical and portable can be constructed in one afternoon.  Don't want to pay $200 for a commerical mount?  Read on.
This is a Bogen/Manfrotto Super Clamp.  Can be bought off the internet from camera supply dealers or from Ebay for about $15-$20.
This is a Bogen/Manfrotto 3160 Fuild pan/tilt head.  Best to pick up a used one from your local camera shop or off Ebay.  Expect to pay $25-$40. Note the 3/8" mounting stud attached.  About $10.
This is the two pieces combined and ready to attach.
This is a pick up truck cargo bar with custom made wood ends.  It can be purchased at most auto parts store or Walmart for about $20.  Painted flat back to eliminate glare while filming.
PVC pipe extention for moving the video camera back from the windshield.   Note the use of elbows and T's.  Painted flat back to eliminate glare when filming.
Note the PVC T's have been cut just enough to snap over the cargo bar when installed.  On chase days I wrap a couple of windings of black cloth hockey tape to ensure it will stay on.  The hot sun can cause the plastic to expand a little.
Extension securely snapped into place on the cargo bar.
Super Clamp with head mounted to the extension.
Interior of a chase vehicle.  In this case, it is a 1998 Chevy ZR2 4x4 truck.
Cargo bar with the extension snapped into place.  The "leg" of the extension sits in one of the drink holders in the consol.  It is very important when you cut the leg on the camera mount you make it just long enough to put a little tension on mount.  It really makes it more rigid and much more stable.
Cam mount installed.  Note handy place to hang the mics for the radios also!
Laptop platform installed.  Constructed the same way as the cam mount.  Industrial velcro hold the PC securely in place.  Careful not to cover any of the cooling air intakes.  The extra support leg swings to the left in the pic to easily allow a passenger to enter or exit the vehicle.  I have built several of these systems for a wide array of vehicles and had success with all of them.  Also very useful when using rental vehicles are no drilling and can be adjusted for any vehicle.
Cameras Electronics / Radios