Stuff About Us
A little about me, I was born in a  little  west central Minnesota town.   We moved up to Fergus Falls, MN when I was in 6th
grade so I still consider Fergus to be my home town.   My dad is Dr. Vernon Doms and my mom is Patricia Doms.  I have two
half sisters from my father's first marriage,  Lynn and Tara.

Melinda was born in Anchorage, AK and grew up in Grand Rapids, MN.  Her dad and mom are Bruce  Swenson and Terry
Swenson.  She has a sister, Addie, and a brother, Louie.  I guess the Alaskan start in life explains her love for the outdoors!

We live in smaller town which is about 50 miles west of Minneapolis, MN and located in a beautiful rural county.  I have two
kids, Cullen and Cailyn and Melinda has two also, Matt and Jessica.  My real job is as a portfolio manager for a financial
company which services  educational loans for private, state and federal lenders.  I also do freelance work as a stringer and
stream live video during chase season through
TornadoVideos.Net.  When people ask me why I chase, I tell them because it is
less exciting than my day to day job and allows me to relax .  Truthfully, the road to where we are now has been long, winding,
smooth in some spots, and massive potholes in others...but we survived.  We are very thankful for the life we now have.
While chasing does occupy a lot of our life, we actually have a pretty broad array of interests.  A lot of them revolve
around the kids.  Anything they want to do is usually good with us.  We spend a lot of time working with the horses and
our home is usually pretty busy with friends stopping by or us taking off for some activity.
I'm not a sports freak but really enjoy baseball and hockey.  After dragging my hockey career out as long as possible, I  
finally hung up the pads and am happy to skate with the kids or play a little garage hockey with them.  Melinda takes on the
role of being the family manger but her heart is with the horses.
Every chaser puts in something about how
they got started so here is mine.  My dad
took this photo in September of 1969 from
our front yard in Grant county.  It appeared
on the front page of the Minneapolis Star
newspaper and was one of the most studied
photos at the time.  He always had a great
interest in the weather but this really got the
ball rolling for me.  To make a long story
short, once I could drive I was out watching
the storms come in out of the Dakotas.  
This kept progressing to where I am
today....totally obsessed with every storm I
can be fortunate enough to witness.
Growing up in northern Minnesota, hunting and fishing is a tradition and part of every family's
heritage.  We are  trying to keep this going with the kids the best we can.
Cullen has definately gotten bitten by the chase bug also.  I started
taking him me locally when he was 4 and now he logs about
10,000 miles a year with me.  He does the majority of the
navigating and keeps all of the cameras in working order and ready
to go.  As of the end of the 2010 season, he has witnessed 25
tornadoes and has had video appear on local and national networks.
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Chasing really is a family thing
for us.   Any time Melinda and I
can get the schedules lined up to
hit the road, we do it!
Camping trips back "home" to
the edge of the wilderness is  
something Melinda and I enjoy
very much!