Comet Pan STARRS
March 12 - ??  2013
It had been a long time since comet McNaught was visible.  Pan STARRS
was a nice warm up for what ISON may bring later this year!  All shots
were taken on the Albion Ridge in Wright county Minnesota near our home.
Taken March 12th.  About the closest I would see it to the moon.  The power lines were on purpose to add some interest to the shot.
Taken March 12th.  Binoculars are a must to find this one.
Taken March 12th.
Taken March 12th.
Clouds hit the the last minute on the 13th.  Goofing around with a 30s f4 exposure at ISO 2500.  Talking to the dog.
March 14th.  Starting to get higher in the sky and easier to find after sunset. Heavily cropped.
March 14th.  Really miscalculated this night.   I wanted the tower next to the comet.
March 16th.  Can see the comet for about 40 minutes now.  About 8:20 pm local time until 9 pm.  I use a 50mm lens to find the
comet in test shots then frame it up for what I want for foreground.  The
auroras later this night/morning were awesome!
Here is a very short time lapse from the 16th.  The interval timer on my D300 was giving my issues this night.  The next one will be
much better.
March 20th.   Still brutally cold with the air temp just above zero and the windchill well below.