May 19
Rice and Dakota Counties Minnesota
What started out as a vort max lifting out of Iowa transitioned into an MCV
(Mesoscale Convective Vortex).  The SPC did issue a low end tornado watch
primarily for the risk of  imbedded areas of rotation or a bookend tornado in the
northeast quadrant of the MCV.  There was a tornado warning issued at one point
for the arc of storms on the Wisconsin side of the river but in unchaseable terrain.
All images below are video frames off the Midland XTC 300 HD camera I use as
a dash cam.  I never took a DSLR out the entire day.
Trying to get east around the bend of the arc of storms into the area most likely to produce a tornado.  Shot near  the
intersection of I35 and MN 19 looking due east.  The area to the right of the frame was interesting for a couple of minutes
with rising motion but no spin.  It quickly was undercut by outflow.  Really wished I had been 30 minutes earlier to this
postion as getting east was going to be really difficult.
Shelf cloud goes zooming overhead near Northfield, MN.   The arc was now racing north/northeast at 60 mph. I'm
done.  Rode out 50mph winds at the Hampton city garage.  Once the line passed, headed west and north towards home.
The only cell I was able to get on the east side of.  View is looking west /southwest between New Prague and Lonsdale.
Made the mistake of chosing I35 to head towards the metro area in an attempt to save some time getting home.  After all.
it's a Sunday...what can possibly go wrong?  Forgot how poorly people drive in the rain.  Sure enough, a couple of
accidents ahead of me added almost an hour on to the drive.  Ugggh...if you can drive in bad weather, stay off the roads.  
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