June 20
Stearns and Todd Counties Minnesota
A weak warm front draped across central
Minnesota with weak instability.  The bigger storms
were out in North Dakota but the low level jet
kicked in after sunset and spawned a couple of
storms which went to severe levels for hail and high
Shortly before dark a set up to the west of Sauk Center., MN to watch a developing cell near West Union, MN in Todd
county.  It went severe but I never experienced any high winds and only small hail.  There was a great CG barrage with
the storm but I could neverv get to a spot which would allow me to shoot.  I followed the cell to west of Little Sauk then
dropped back south as a new cell started to form.  The old cell did throw a nice little roll cloud as it collapsed.
After getting bored with the little hailers, I started to head home on I94 when a new cell caught my attention with the
amount of CG lightning it was spitting out.  I found a  nice spot south of Albany, MN to do a little lightning photography.
After about 15 minutes the best of the lightning moved off to the north.  Packed up and headed home to wait for the bow
echo which was forming  along the western MN border to come crashing in.  It hit our home with a max wind gust of 73
mph but luckily did no damage.  An advantage of not having much for trees.  If the data from NCDC becomes available
and I remember to do it, I'll add some radar images here as it was pretty impressive.  Unfortunately it did  damage the
rodeo grounds by destroying the bleachers and damaging some trailers.  Across the road at the airport the canopy was
ripped off a display aircraft and a float plane was totaled when the tie downs were ripped up.  The plane tipped up causing
enough damage for it to be totaled.