July 18
Itasca County Minnesota
Yup, 2013 is still a brutal chase year up here.  You
know it is bad when you are willing to leave the house
at 5pm to drive about 3 hours north into  a blue box on
a sagging cold front witb 20-30kts of shear at best.
Hung around northeast of Deer River just east of Lake Winnie wating for one of the towers pushing to my west to take off.
Visibility for chasing in the forest zone is less than optimal.
Pretty obvious where the boundary exactly was as the storms tried again and again to go linear right on the front.
Too bad the massive swarms of bugs don't show up in this image.  This is the first cell dying near MN Highway 6.
Contrasty.  Is that a word? Probably not, but it fits.
Back to the west towards Winnie again.   This is more like it!  See the black streaks?  Those a HUGE black dragonfiles!
Best structure of the day but it was DARK out now.  Tripod and longer exposure times for the rest of the night.
I always like how lightning will change the hue of an entire shot.
Starting to drift off to the east / southeast info the heavily forested areas near highway 6 again.
Looking back to the west as a nice little shelf cloud forms along the gust front area of the cell.
One more look to the west at the shelf cloud.
Oddly enough this storm never went severe until it was just souttheast of Grand Rapids.  Looking north across highway 2
between Rapids and Cohasset.  Once I got to highway 169 I headed south for home.  I regret not stopping by Hill City to
shoot lightning as the skies were pretty clear to the south and the full moon illumited the towers to bright white at night with
continuous flashes.
Wish I could have gotten a clean view of this a little earlier.  The tops shot up tpo 50k and it looked to mave a real nice vall
cloud for a bit but I was over on 6 again without clear enough view to the west to shoot from.