August 6
Wright County Minnesota
After chasing a long-lived supercell which crossed the
entire state of Minnesota, a cool linear storm came through
on the cold front an hour or so later.  
Be sure to check out
the images from the supercell by clicking HERE.
This is the video from the entire day the shelf cloud portion of it begins at the 5:36 mark.
Not particularily severe (it was warned though) but the light was really cool making for some
awesome contrast.  This is looking north from the park around the corner from our house.
It sure looked scary.  Had a lot of my neighbors outside all looking skyward and ready to head for
cover.  Me?  Running around on foot  trying to get a few decent shots before the precip and wind hit.
This is shot at 11mm.   Time to sprint for home!
Just about there and here it comes!  David and Kristen Drufke had stopped by on their way back from chasing
and took full advantage of the opportunity also!  I'll post links to their images when they are available.
Looking southwest from the front yard.  I regretted not heading over to the lake to shoot at this point.
David getting some shots as the shelf cloud goes rocketing overhead.  This one was cruising!
The timelapse David shot should be spectacular!
Shelf going over the house.
And the shelf going over us.  Lights out.   Looking southeast.  That is the supercell from earlier which came
back to life again over the southern Minneapolis metro area.
After the storm passed to the southeast, the setting sun started to work it's magic.  A lightning trigger would
have been very useful about now as the CG's were brilliant purple against this scene.
You get the idea.
The shot to end a fabulous, fun filled chase day!