October 8
Wright County Minnesota
The remnants of  a CME (coronal mass ejection) which
slammed into the earth's atomosphere in the early
morning hours of the 8th carried over into the evening as
a weak geomagnetic storm spawned a pretty decent
aurora show.  Although somewhat short lived, it was fun!
Was hanging around the house working on a few photos when I noticed the Kp index was hovering around 4 but the
magnetic field was tipped WAY south.  Went out in the back yard just to take a couple of test pics and sure enough, an
auroral band was pretty evident off to the north through the high, thin clouds.  Since it was a warm evening out by
Minnesota standards for October, (51 degrees F at 9:30pm), I headed a couple of miles out of town to where I knew this
old house was which I thought would make for a cooler composition for the aurora shots than just an empty field or the
northern lights over a lake.
SURPRISE!  The house is gone!  I hadn't traveled that road since last winter and evidently some time this spring the house
was demolished and the land was returned to the field which surrounded it.
Time to improvise.  Thankfully this pivot arm irrigator was now in the field and orientated on a near perfect north / south
axis.  Figured this would have to do as an interesting foreground object.
Had to get one of these in.
Halloween is coming and thanks to the light from my cell phone, I came
up with one creepy shot.  Well, maybe more cheesy than creepy.
Here is how the next 30 minutes played out.
Notice the Big Dipper?
I did move to another location to shoot over water in the foreground but the clouds
were filling in fast.   The short-lived flurry of action was quickly dying off so I
packed up the gear and headed home.  Not a bad way to spend a Monday evening!