May 28 2012
Wright, Sherburne, Benton, Mille Lacs, Kanabec, Isanti Counties
Another day, another goose chase.  Kept watching a sagging cold
front try to set off storms up near St. Cloud.  One finally took hold
and went severe. It quickly went outflow dominant as I assume the
cold front undercut it or possibly was slightly post frontal.
Video frame of a lowering on the cell near Duelm, MN.  Some chasers were calling this a wall cloud but I have my doubts.
Quickly lines out south of  Foreston, MN.
Whale's mouth south of Ogilvie, MN.
Heading for clear air and home.
West of Isanti, MN on highway 47 a little hailer popped up.  The guy on the cycle behind me was a little impatient.   
Funny thing is he turned off and went EAST!
Here is a video of the majority of the chase as a timelapse shot with a GoPro Hero2.