May 27 2012
Central Minnesota
One year I will get smart enough to quit chasing "what if" setups.  Usually I list out the counties I chased in in the title but there
wasn't room so here goes:  Wright, Stearns, Todd, Morrison, Mille Lacs, Benton and Sherburne,  What a freakin' goose chase.  The
triple point play up by Wadena looked good on data but the reality was capping was again an issue for the second day in a row.  
Storms would try to fire but would be root about the cap and die out.  Of course off to the east on the edge of the EML storms
would fire in northwest Wisconsin.  Figrues.  Anyhow, with a warm front lifitng across central MN and a cold front pushing in
from the west, a severe weather day was in store.  Had to at least give it a try.
How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?  Killing time south of Clarissa across from
the airport at some place that obviusly makes wood mulch.  A lot of wood mulch.  Did run into two of the guys who gave
me a lot of inspiration to get better years ago.  That is always one of the cool things about chasing, running into people you
know at the most randon of places.
Not the kind of tower you want to see while chasing.  Good for spotting forest fires and not much else.  Headed east for a
while before turning south as the cold front started to fire off storms.  Big storms over in Wisconsin were in the best
environment but in a horrible area to chase.
With it being  Memorial Weekend, made a stop by the Minnesota Veterans Cemetery near Little Falls, MNto pay my
respects.  Chasing is just one of the many freedoms I enjoy because of these people and I am very thankful.
The story of the weekend.  Capping issues and storms which struggled the whole time.  Just north of Hillman in far
eastern Morrison county.
This one kind of looked like a giant de-veined shrimp.  Yeah, I was getting bored....and hungry.
Should be my signature image for 2012.  The year of the cap for me.
OK, let's at least get some storm images to salvage the day.  As the linear crap went off down south and headed north, I
set up just outside of South Haven, MN to let a severe warned cell nail me.  It was nice to be out of the big woods and
back into the transitional farmland.  Not the lack of fire spotter towers.
Hardly impressive structure but after all of the miles of capped sky over the past two days, I was willing to take it.
Looking east.  Even though it was pretty much well after sunset, the little bit of light sneaking in from the west cast a cool
pink highlight to everything for a couple of minutes.  Winds gusted to just under 50 mph with this according to the
anemometer.  Got nailed in the roof by what I thought was a large branch at first but looking the scratches this morning, I
was either a garbage can or something else about that size.  Anyhow, a farm place just to the west of me had quite a bit of
small tree damage so made a quick call to MPX to report it and headed for home.
Once I got home, I set up a DLSR on the intervalometer to shoot 30s exposures at ISO 200 f7.  It took  170 frames and
this was the only image I got a cloud to ground lightning strike.  Mind you this is uncropped at 11mm so it was CLOSE!  I
was inside when it hit and it sounded like a gunshot. KA-POW!  It turned the dog into a neurotic mess for the rest of the
A short timelapse of the storms struggling in the warm sector near Hillman, MN.
Video near South Haven, MN showing some of the developing high winds.