May 26 2016
Charles Mix and Bon Homme Counties
South Dakota
I was due to for a total cap bust and got one.  The temptation of "what if" was too great and I got sucked in.  Target was
just west of Sioux Falls, which became just north of Yankton, which became Wagner, which became Pickstown.
After watching cells go up and die just across the border in Nebraska, it was pretty evident the day was not going to go as
I hoped.  I was close enough to head down to the Fort Randall Dam on the Missouri River.  I have always loved this area
and is by far my favorite Big Mo crossing.  Many great chases over the years have involed this engineering marvel.  Note
the spillway is shut down with only the hydro releasing water from behind the dam.  What a difference a year can make
with all of the horrible flooding on the river this time 12 months ago.
A stitched pano looking south at the Nebraska side of the river.
A tower finally started to explode about 15 miles to my east.   View looking east on highway 46 as I
pass the Fort Randall Casino and Hotel.
This storm would suffer the same fate as its dead cousins in Nebraska.  Unable to tap the rich surface
moisture and instability, it soon dried up leave a whispy base behind soon to become an orphan anvil.
Sometimes the saving grace to a bad storm chase is a beautiful prairie sunset.  The
view looking northwest off SD 46 north of Tyndall.
180 degree field of view.  The road runs north /south so you can see my dying cell to the north and
another dying cell to the south coming up out of Nebraska.  A meager consolation prize for a lot of miles.