May 19 2012

Wright, Carver, and Hennepin Counties
Wasn't expecting much.  Didn't get much.

A cold front crossing Minnesota with weak upper support triggered some bowing
segments which produced marginal severe hail and some gusty winds.  Was working
on a project in the garage and occasionally popping in to look at satellite and radar
imagery.  Once the multicell cluster went severe warned in Renville and Sibley
counties, only had to head south about 15 miles to see if there was anything pretty
or if would be a globby mess like yesterday.
Small shelf cloud off CR20  between Watertown and Winstead.  
About this time there was wind damage being reported in Winstead,
This thing was clipping right along.   I have a pretty strict self imposed rule of not ever going east of highway 25 as it is
the hilly, tree infested western exurbs of the Minneapolis metro area but the cells were moving northeast moreso than
east so I figured I could stay with them for a while.
No idea if anyone was watching the live stream on but about the time I took this image north of
Watertown, MN a 53 mph wind gust sent my shades and hat flying down the road to the east.  Must have looked pretty
funny with me in hot pursuit and finally jumping on the hat to halt the chase.
Click on the image above for some short video clips from the chase.
In the late evening, some post frontal storms went up but shooting lightning was hard with all the usual low level junk in the way.
Couldn't even make a decent composite out of 60 shots!  Need an event with some really dry air right behind the storms!