March 19 2012

Wright County Minnesota
Not really a chase per se.  More like
drive out to the edge of town to see what
the storm looked it.  It was worth it.
Some video from this storm.  This was my first attempt at shooting with the new Sony HD
ACVHD cam.  I had no idea what I was doing or how to encode the video so the quality
isn't there.  After a couple of months and some other storms, I would like to have a redo to
shoot this storm again as it was really cool and this video doesn't do it justice.
5 shot 180 degree stitched pano shot from about a mile straight south of the Buffalo, MN airport looking west / southwest.
Looking kind of northwest just about right over Buffalo, MN.  Cell is warned for winds  up to 60 mph.
Looking straight south.  About this time a tornado was reported in south central MN in the town of Elysian.  Embedded so
really never a chance to target a chase as it was kind of a fluke.
Not a bad way to kick off the 2012 chase season.  I quickly realized the days of knowing my vid cams backwards and
forewards were over.  Hello learning curve!
2012 Chases