July 4
Another day in 2012 battling a daytime EML.  You know you have hit the summer desperation chases when you leave
home at 9pm knowing it will take you an hour and a half to get to the target area.  I should have left at 8 pm at the first
storm along the boundary on the edge of the EML went torndao warned northwest of Staples.   I was up near St Cloud and
talked to Eric Whitehill on the phone who could see the back of the cell all the way in Fargo, ND!
The loop from the night.
Just outside of the city of Brainerd.  Still tornado warned as the action area passes just to my north and east.  Lots of
danglie scud tags getting reported as funnels. This cell puked just east of Brainerd and threw out a really nice roll cloud as
it collapsed.  Between uncooperative lightning and stratoform rain, I never took the DSLR out the entire night.  Besides,
these storm were UUUUUUGGGGGLY!
As I headed back south with the intention of writing off another crappy 2012 chase, a new cell went up right in front of me
on what I'm assuming with likely the gust front / outflow push from the earlier dying supercell.
After sputtering along, the cell suddenly went bonkers just to the northwest of Milaca, MN producing a huge wallcloud.  I
wish the lightning would have cooperated so you could see the enormous tail cloud off to the east feeding into this thing!  
Doug Keisling and Neva Anderson have some really nice shots from outside of Milaca.  If I can find them on the internet,
I'll link to them here.  About now I got the first call from John Wetter at MPX asking me what I was seeing.
After jogging up 23 to Bock, MN and getting stuck in the wet RFD, I finally got into postion on the tip of the hook so I could look
northeast against the lightning in hopes if a tornado did form, I would at least be able to see it.  About now John called again to
see what the scoop was.  Nothing which made it look truly surface based despite the beastly look on radar.  John figured as much
as the surface based CIN was really high in this area.  Hooray for MPX using the NSE parameters in the warning decsion
process!  No tornado warning, just a severe thunderstorm warning despite there being an obviously mature supercell in a tornado
This was about the coolest the storm looked as I  cut east, south, then back east again to stay right on the tip of the hook
the best I could.  With the trees and limited road network in this area, I had no intentions of going up in the bear's cage.  
Besides, how could you see anything at night with the lightning at your back?
Despite being somewhat elevated, this area of rotion was cool out on the tip of the hook.  It had an occlusion wrapping in
the from northwest and scud feeding in from the east / southeast as it slowly turned in a clockwise direction.
The HP gremlins wouldn't leave me alone.
The cell cycled a few times as I made my way through Cambridge and headed for North Branch on 95.  About now I talked
to John for the last time telling him I had no intention of following the strom east into  Wisconsin.  As if it heard no one was
going to pay attention to it anymore, the cell died to nothing within 20 minutes as it passed east of North Branch.  So it goes
for 2012.