July 25
Wright County Minnesota
A weak voticity lobe rotating around an upper level
low off to the east got a few pulse type storms going in
westerly flow.  I was hoping the cells would maintain
until afer dark.  They did.  Barely.
Waiting for the sun to go down and the storm to move in from the northwest.  
180 degree view looking southwest from our driveway.
One of the more unique sunsets of late with a combination of light, shadows and natural contrast in the clouds.
Original plan was to head west to a viewing area near Dassel, MN which has a covered picnic shelter with a
high view to the northwest.  The storms were struggling as the sun set so plan B instead.
Deer Lake about 10 minutes from home.  Years ago Dick  McGowan and I had a discussion about the never ending
challange of getting the moon, stars, and a storm with lightning in the same shot.  Every time that scene presents itself, I
think back to that conversation.
The storm was rapidly weakening and I was about to head home when I heard a noise behind me.  I turned to see three
racccoon kits making their way down the shorline towards me.  I grabbed the camcorder in hope of getting some video of
the little guys.  A few days ago I re-imported some video files to the camera in hope of using it to play back footage I
wanted to watch on the TV using the HDMI connection.  Well, the camera didn't like me doing that and the second I hit
the record button, I got the "DATA ERROR" message and the camera would shut itself down.  Crap.  About now momma
raccoon showed up.  Big one too.  Guressing about 30-35 lbs.  She starts growling at me and standing up on her hind legs.  
So I start yelling at her and she keeps growling at me.  The kits were now playing on the dock at the access not caring
about the food-chain showdown occurring between their mother and I.  After a bluff charge by me, the made this weird,
high pitched, shrill sound which got the the attention of the kits.  The raccoon family scurried off back along the lakeshore
i nthe dirrection which they came.  After laughing to myself about how funny the past 30 seconds would have looked on
video and my screw up which prevented me from shooting it, I loaded up my gear and headed home.