July 23
Wright County Minnesota
A weak boundary sagging through the area had some
modest instability to work with and  set off sub severe
storms which did produce some nice lightning.
About 11pm the cells got my interest as I stood out on the front steps looking a the constant flashed on the horizon to the
southwest.  Cailyn and I headed out to myh favorite lightning spot north of Howard Lake, MN.  The bright white object on
the horizon is an illuminated church steeple.  There was quite a bit of rain falling between us and the strikes so it was
difficult to see the streamers most of the time.  Bugs were also an issue so I parked the car such that Cailyn could keep all
of her blood and still enjoy the show as I stood outside swatting mosquitoes like crazy between pushes of the shutter
button.  I should have just used the intervolmeter on the cam and stayed in the car as well.  What an ITCH!
The lightning got quite a bit better but it was a work night so we called it quits about 11:30 and headed home.  Not bad
for 15 minutes from home.