July 6
Carver and Wright Counties
A sagging cold front with poor shear but  over
5000 j/kg of CAPE sets off some marginally
severe thunderstorms over central Minnesota.
This first video was shot from our front yard looking southeast over the
Minneapolis metro area about 30 miles away at a rapidly developing severe
thunderstorm.  In real time the video is a little over 8 minutes.
The second video is of us approaching a severe warned storm in Carver
county pretty much right over Waconia, MN.
Carver county storm from about 20 miles out.
Carver county storm from about  5 miles out.
Convection off to our east towards the metro area.
About the coolest the Carver storm looked before it puked.
South of Waconia  on 284 as we made a weak attempt at going after another dying cell to the south.
Orphan rainbow from an orphan anvil in Belle Plaine, MN as we give up on the boundary and head back north.
Post frontal storms were starting to go up so we headed home to wait for the next
line to develop.  At least the shear would be better and the CINH would be less.
This cell, even though it had been severe warned was pretty much featureless
as far as structure, but it did spit out a lot of nice anvil crawlers and anvil zits.
To me, the lightshow totally made up for the lackluster storms early.  2012 has been a difficult chase year up here for sure
in terms of getting storms with cool structure.  If mother nature is willing to give up at least a good light show, I'll take it.