August 23
Wright County Minnesota
A weak surface bounday with a weak
upper low set off severe thunderstorms
over central and east central Minnesota.
Click on the image above for a short video clip of the hail near Winsted, MN!
After watching cells struggle around us during dinner, a couple of better looking cells developed just to our southwest.  
Headed out near Winsted, MN to check out the hail.  Fun into a fun little cell to the northeast of town.  In addition to the
hail, the lightning strikes were close enough you could smell the sulfur / methane odor.  Haven't experienced that in a long
Stopped on the way back north of Waverly, MN to take in the cool orange glow being cast by the setting sun behind the
storms.  View is looking west / northwest.
Looking west southwest.  The storms core was just thick enough to block out the sun itself, but not the ultra-cool
backlit orange glow.
Southeast view back toward Waverly, MN
Once I got home, the lightning intensity really picked up.
Looking almost straight up!
I was watching the lightning due south of me when the weather radio went off again.  Figured it was another hailer.  
Nope a tornado warning for the county to the south of me.  Look at that inflow notch northwest of Norwood - Young
America and that intense couplet!  It only lasted a couple of volume scans but still pretty impressive!  I know a couple of
NWS staffers have gone out to look at a barn that was destroyed to determine if it was tornadic damage or RFD.  
Regardless, it was pretty intense for a brief period.
BV image.  Thankfully nobody was injured...or worse.  The SN and LSR reports to the northeast of the couplet were from
Michael Stanga but I don't think he could see anything.  Dark, hilly, and lots of heavy rain.  Make sure you have a
weather radio!  The disclaimer of "severe thunderstorms can and occasionally do produce tornadoes with little or no
advance warning" is there for a reason.  This is a prime example!  MPX got a tornado warning put on the cell but
everything happened so fast the lead time wasn't much.  What do you do?