August 15
Wilkin County Minnesota to Meeker County Minnesota
A stong cold front with some decent
upper wind support sets off a string
of cells across west central
Target was Wahpeton, ND.  Hung out at my mom's place in Fergus Falls, MN 20 miles to the east waiting on initiation.  
Once it was clear the cold front was firing, I headed west on highway 210 towards Breckenridge, MN at a supercell which
fired just northwest of Wahpeton on the North Dakota side of the border.
Small wall cloud as I headed west directly at the cell which was moving E/SE.  Pretty obvious it was going to get undercut.
Wall cloud a couple of minutes later.  Struggling as the unidirectional winds take over.
Gusting out already.
Weakly rotating but about to get hammered by the cold front.
Over Doran, MN a new updraft area briefly looked interesting.
Totally gusted out now.  The race against the outflow was on!  Was not about to make the same mistake as I did on the
3rd so was sure to head east before jogging south.  There were three cells now so had to get to that south one firing near
Ortonville, MN.
Scenery north of Cambell, MN.
Wider view of the farm buildings.
Pano north of Cambell, MN.  Not the gustnado in the center of the image on the horizon.
View to the southwest.  It was moving pretty fast, but not to the point you couldn't keep ahead of it.
Looking north at the weakening cell.  Time to get moving south towards Morris, MN!
This is why.  Morris, MN about to get munched!  View looking
northwest over the town.  Cell is dropping hen's egg sized hail now!
East of Morris on county 10 looking northwest.
Same spot looking to the west.
East of Hancock, MN.
Looking due north.  Weird thing was hail was start to fall.  WAAAAY out in front of the shelf cloud.
South and east near Raymond, MN.  Quarter to fifty cent sized hail stones would start to fall within seconds.
Video frame off the GoPro.
Decided to let the storm go as I was getting bored with the shelf.  Time to head east on 7 towards Hutchinson, MN for
dinner with Nick Elms and Amanda Hill.
The video from this location was pretty cool as it shows just how fast this sucker was moving now.
After dinner, Nick and Amanda and myself parted ways with them heading east toward the metro area and me heading
north towards home.  I got distracted and had to stop south of Dassel for some lightning shots.
I told Nick as I was leaving Hutchinson, some times one frame can make the night.  Despite some water on the lens,
this single image did it for me.  11mm, no crop.  It was awesome.  Right after this, the cells puked.  Without a doubt an
A+ chase for the fun category!