April 4 2012
Prescribed Burn
Sherburne NationalWildlife Refuge
Part of the long term management plan for this refuge is the use of prescribed burns.  
These fires would occur natually every so often but through a carefully managed fire,
non-native plant life is kept under control.  In addtion to letting the native vegetation
thrive, the burns also remove fuels safely which otherwise would pose a serious threat for
About 10 nautical miles away looking northeast
Driving east on Sherburne county road 4 east of Orrock, MN.  Fire is about 3 nautical miles away.
Just east  / southeast of the fire now.  Looking west from Sherburne county road 1.
View looking west from the public access on Elk Lake.  Pretty impressive sight.
Took up a vantage point off county road 42 a little southeast of Rice Lake where I could see the fireline and back burn area.
A stand of cattails goes up in flames emitting a huge plume of black smoke.  The oils in the plant causes the black smoke.
A sun dog to the left of the sun.  A lot of things going on in the sky at this time.
Click on the image above for a timelapse of the fire.
The sun burns through the smoke plume.
Smoke on the water along CR9 as I head west and home.