June 17
Kandiyohi and Meeker Counties Minnesota
A fun local chase with a slow moving storms in a
tornado box.  The storms were never close to being
severe with the exception of some marginal large hail.
Wall cloud northwest of Cosmos, MN.  Lots of rise but no spin.
A little wider view of the same cell.  Note the wet RFD to the left of the image.  We moved in close as the RFD came in.  A
lot of scud coming up right off the ground but we lost visual and had to back off.  Quite a bit of small hail with the storm also.
Different cell after sunset suffering a quick death.
After grabbing something to eat in Willmar, MN.  Headed just west
of town to let the cold front push a severe warned linear cell at us.
...and it promptly puked as it moved east.  Called it a night south of Atwater, MN
Short time lapse video.  Not sure why I even bothered to post this as the storms really never did much.