July 30
Ottertail, Todd and Stearns Counties Minnesota
Summer setups are so fickle.  Boundary hell once again with a cold front
creeping in from the northwest and outflow related surface features from
early day convection made for an interesting evening.
Radar images will be posted here
once available form the NCDC
After hanging around Osakis, MN for a while trying decide between better instability to the west/northwest or better
wind support to the north, I finally pulled the trigger on a developing cell to the north  in eastern Ottertail county
which had gone severe in the better winds.  Still not sure if I made the right choice as the western cell did produce a
tornado but the storm did not persist.  Got on the storm just after it went tornado warned.  Set up between Parkers
Prairie and Eagle Bend to the south of Wrightstown.  The wall cloud had some motion to it but ever looked like it was
going to produce a tornado at first.
Getting a little better organized.  Danglies starting to dance around under it.
RFD cutting in now.  Do or die time if it is going to tornado.  It chose to die.
Cut south and east as the cell cycled from outflow dominant back to be organized to potentially producing a tornado.  
Knowing the roadways up there from when my former  brother in law lived in the area helped as I knew most of the
open viewing areas.  New wall cloud with weak rotation near Clotho to the west of  Long Prairie.
Just to the east of Gutches Grove.  The action area rapidly intensified.  Thw rotation was still relatively weak by tornado
standards but the rising motion was very intense as a wet RFD tried to wrap around.  The storm was also very close to
transitioning back to being outflow dominant again.
A few minutes later the area still didn't show a lot of organization but the fingers were  starting to have quite a bit of
motion with even stronger rising motion.  I sent an email to the WCM at MPX  in the event there are damage reports
just to the west/northwest of the city of Long Prairie in Todd county.  Had the rotation been more intense, I wouldn't
have any doubt.  My guess would be the lack of strong surface winds was the missing link at this time.
Was wating for someone to report this as a funnel or tornado but it is actually the tail cloud still feeding into the action
area.  Looking  northeast but at the surface the cell was all outflow.
Just south of Long Prairie, MN on highway 71 pretty much straight east of the feature in the previous image.  Pretty
cool to watch it condensing just off the surface.  I thought the sign was cool too!
Not exactly my first choice of tranportation to head north into the core. And you thought Timmer is nuts?
Time to move south and east again.
This time northwest of Grey Eagle it is really done.  No action area at all and the entire south/southeast side of the
storm is gusting out.  Some small hail up to nickel size fell before heading south to play with the shelf cloud on the way
There was another cell coming down from up near Alexandria which had a really messy updraft area but it was undercut.  
The light was cool as the sun started to hit the horizon.
Not the best shelf cloud ever (south of Greenwald, MN in Stearns county) but I liked the composition of the shot with the
cut grain laying on the ground in perpendicular lines.
One more with a little different color feel as the pink/red tint quickly changed to more of a yellow.  At this same time I hit
some manual exposure button on my vid can and way over exposed everything.  Of course it was an easy fix to figure out
once the moment had passed.
Hanging pretty much right under the shelf south of Lake Henry, MN in Stearns county.  Yes, I know. Power lines.
Lots of sharks teeth as I approach highway 55 to the northwest of Paynesville, MN.
Last light of the day looking west off highway 4 just north of highway 55.
Just outside of Kimball, MN looking southwest.  Gravel road, middle of
nowhere and a car drives by.  Actually helped the shot this time.
Final shot of the night from south of Delano, MN looking south at a severe warned storm and the milly way in the
same shot.  No definite tornadoes today, but still a very enjoyable chase.
A short video clip with some time lapse of the storm at various times and other interesting times from the chase.  Oh, and
if you think having a light bar in an essential part of your chase gear for when you are MOVING,  I suggest you reconsider
before you tick off every police officer, sheriff's deputy and state trooper in tornado alley.  Please?