July 26
Walworth to Brown Counties South Dakota
After hanging aound Ashley, ND north of the warm front and watching the first storms ignite too far to the south of the
best shear, drifted south  as some cells fired a long the Missouri River.  After watching the first few die between Selby
and Mound City.  Stopped northeast of Lowry to watch this cell slowly develop.  The VIL wasm't great, but it was
showing signs of strengthening and it was pretty much right on the triple point so instead of jumping on the established
cell to the south,, I figured I would go for broke and stick on this one.
A little tighter view showing the developing action area.  The base was still pretty high but the VIL was still climbing with
eaah scan so my confidene contimued to grow this would be the storm of the day based on the NSE.  Most all of the
other chasers were still on the southern cell which was severe warned.
As I moved west to meet the updraft area, I was concerned the cell would not be able to contain it's outflow.  It is severe warned at this point.
Looking southwest as the gust front portion of the supercell moved over me.  At this time I knew I had to move east to get into the notch.  A
lot of noob chasers make the mistake of thinkng the gust front signifies an outflow dominant storm.  You need to remember the RFD area of a
supercell WILL have a shelf a lot of the time and if you are in front of it,  look to your right up against the precip core for a wall cloud or the
tornado.  If you are under the shelf (as I am here), you need to reposition to the east or southeast to get back into the inflow area of the storm.
Headed east on SD20.  About a mile or so out of Hoven, SD  the storm began to rapidly cycle .  As I looked out my drivers side window, this
area on the back of the wall cloud began to wrap up almost directly overhead.  As I stopped to take a couple of stills a small (about 20 feet in
diameter) but instense drill bit gound circulation started spinning in the field north of me about 100 feet away.  The focus suddenly chnaged
from taken photos or video to finding a fast escape route to the south.  My only option was to go forward into Hoven where 20 went south
again.  The ground circulation was heading pretty much straight east and disappeared behind a grove of trees.  I made my break for it as the
circulation continued to wrap up resembing a large white cinnamon roll.   About now a tornado warning was put on the storm.   As I turned
south in Hoven, I passed the same gas station where David Drufle, Kristen Druke, Cullen Doms, and myself
caught a tornado back on August
10 2007.  I looked in the mirror and could see tree debris and what looked like roofing material  going skyward as I cleared the south side of
town.  I wanted to get a mile or two away for safety concerns as I felt for sure this storm was going to put down a good tornado.
My chaser pals Adam Lucio and Danny Neal were heading north on 20 and caught
me on their video heading south.  Be sure to check out thier videos
Video frames from here on out.  I wish I had taken the time to stop to take stills as the structure
was really photo worthy.  My decision to get south and east failed as the tornadic area occluded
and gust out before I got to Tolstoy.  From this point on it never looked truly tornadic again.  The
cool thing which did occur was a hint of anti-cyclonic rotation in what was left of the action area.  
There was no persistant rotation at this point as the cell was not having much luck cycling again.
Heading north towards Ipswich.  The more I work on this chase summary, the more disgusted I
am with myself for not taking a few seconds to pull over and take stills.
East of Aberdeen on 12 just outside of  town.  I honestly have no idea if this was a huge wall
cloud or just the base of the meso this close to the gound.  One thing for sure though, chasers
who were southeast of it were seeing nothing but shelf cloud by not understanding the structure
and mechanics of the supercell.
Definitely a wall cloud  now.  It didn't seem to have much for organized rotatin as it skipped to
the southeast in front of me crossing highway 12 just to the west of Groton, SD.  Shot trough
dirty windows.
The back edge began to rapidly rotate and tightened up to produce this brief funnel.  Originally I
thought I saw a debris swirl to the left of the trees but now I don't think anything was there.  
ABR never put a TOR warning on it.  No surprise as I doubt it ever showed up on a single
volume scan and the cell went 100% outflow dominant after this happened.
Well, after all of this I shot a mighty 3 minutes of video the entire day (none of which was during the
best 2 minutes of the entire chaae) and 8 stills.   Majorly dissapointed as I didn't even come close to the
standard I set for myself.  However, had the Hoven tor been significant, the view from 20 would have
been about as perfect as possible.    What could have been...
2011 Chases
Shortly after initiation
near Lowry, SD.
Hoven is the red dot.
About the time the Hoven, SD torn
touched down in the field next to
us.  Again, Hoven is the red dot.
As the funnel near Groton, SD (red
dot) was in progress along
highway 12.