July 1
Wright and McLeod Counties Minnesota
A slow moving cold front crosses central MN with about 4500 j/kg of CAPE in place while a weak short wave trough rode up the cold
front.  Some times if you set your expectations low, the chase ends up being all that much more fun.  My daughter, Cailyn, wanted to
chase today so after getting the real work done, we headed out towards McLeod county in central Minnesota to intercept a developing
bow echo coming out of southwest Minnesota.  One thing I was being very aware of was the narrow corridor of surface backed winds
along a psuedo warm front of sorts lifting north/northeast in response to the short wave.  As luck would have it, an isolated supercell
was able to form in the better sheared environment ahead of the cold front and on the warm front of sorts.
A wall cloud forrmed on the rain free base near Dassel, MN the far southwest corner of Wright county.
My daughter shooting video as the wall cloud kept doing it's thing.  Even with a weak erosion taking place on the south
side, there was never any serious rotation.
Another shot of the wall cloud not using the 11mm superwide lens showing the  clear slot trying in vain to work it's way
around the wall cloud.  The cell quickly went into HP mode and we lost our visual on the updraft area.
We poked into the edge of the core to see how big the hail was but quickly backed off as stones as big as baseballs
shattered in the road in front of us.  After turning down MN highway 15 at Dassel, MN, we did see a van and a car with
substantial glass damage due to the hail about 4 miles south of town.  At this point we made the decision to head towards
Hutchinson, MN and the pretty well developed bow now racing northeast at about 50 mph.
Just north of Hutchinson, we found a safe place to pull off the highway away from traffic, trees and powerlines.  
Cailyn is digging the cool shelf cloud racing at us.
The view looking west / northwest.
The view looking south / southwest.
A seven shot stitched panorama which doesn't do justice to just how cool this storm looked up close.   As the shelf passed
over, we registed a peak wind gust of only 47 mph.   Although it isn't severe by definition, it did move a lot of dirt around
pretty well.  Once we cleared Hutchinson, we head east on highway 7 then up 25 towards home where things got a lot
more interesting again just as we pulled into Buffalo and strong northwest outflow winds came roaring across Buffalo
Lake gusting as high as 73 mph and were 50+ susptained for about 15 minutes.  Check out the video below for a little time
laspse of the storms then video of the HUGE waves crashing into the retaining wall along the lake in Buffalo!