August 5th and 6th
Crow Wing County Minnesota
A storm of different sorts.  A series of  CME's (coronial mass ejections)
hurled off the sun by an M class solar flare on August 2nd, 2011 slammed
into the earth's magnetic field sparking the best  aurora in several years.
Pulled  over south of Brainerd, MN to take some test shots
as the 'lights we obvious by not as bright as I was hoping for.
Game on.  Now it was time to get north of Brainerd and find a suitable place to shoot from.
Headed to Nisswa, MN and found the public access on Lower Cullen Lake
would be a good spot looking pretty much due north.
Had to get one self-portrait in.
At times the aurora was so strong it look like silver waves of light flashing by overhead.  This is looking as srtaight up as
possible while keeping some of the horizon in the shot at 11mm.  An 8mm fisheye lens would have been fun at this point.
I wonder what his view looked like from up there.
Starting to blob out now.  Not a lot of motion but lots of  green glow.
About 1:30 am now and heading for home.
Just east of Little Falls, MN  on the way back.  Between some high clouds and the dynamics rapidly
declining, the show was pretty much over.  Best northern lights display since December 14, 2006 for me!