April 9th 2011
Crawford, Ida, Sac and Pocahontas Counties
After getting a later start than I would have liked, finally intercepted the Monona county cell just at it crossed into
Crawford / Ida county area north of Schelswig, IA.  The mamatus on the anvil out in the front were spectacular.  View is
looking east south of Odebolt, IA.
I had heard the reports of a large tornado hitting Mapleton, IA diretly to my west as I set up 3 or so miles north of
Schleswig.  The inflow was INSANE!  At a healthy 210 lbs.,  I was having difficulty standing in one spot when the gusts
would hit.  I'd estimate the gust were hitting either side of 50 mph.  View is looking west.  The tail lights going through
the frame belong to
Skip Talbot I believe.
Looking northwest as the cell passes to the north of me.  Keep in mind these are 11mm shots so it is a lot closer than it looks!
Pretty funny  how many shots there are of this bolt from different angles from other chasers.  Really cool to see.  Notice
there is some type of "curl" behind the bolt.  Assuming this is the remains of the Mapleton tornado which I missed.
Once the sun went down, this storm went absolutely BONKERS as it stayed rooted on the warm front and the low level jet
kicked in.  I'm not even going to try to say how many tornadoes I saw after dark.  I look at it as once the data is provided to
the NWS, they can sort out the tracks and see if it was semi continuous or not.  One thing for sure is every time this
supercell cycled, it quickly planted a new tornado.  The following images are in chronological order and are video frames.
Shot from north of Wall Lake, IA and zig zagging north and east to Pocahontas, IA.
West of Pocahontas the coolest event of the night
was about to happen.  Started out as a multi-voxtex.
Ended as a pair of separate tornadoes!
North of Pocahontas it decided to
put the icing on the cake.
Really reminded me of the June 17
2010 torn near Almora, MN but at night!
Same old disclaimer.  I do not recommend
storm chasing...especially at night. Yada, yada
Anyhow, back to some stills.  This is what happens when $1500 worth of gear gets hit by strong inflow winds and ends up
in the mud.   It did clean up and I was able to continue without incident thankfully.
11mm shot from southwest of Pocahontas  showing the multiple inflow bands coming from the east.
11 mm again showing the base, RFD cut, and a large tornado in progess in the back.
Self portait east of Pocahontas looking at another tornado warned supercell.
Sheared corkscrew updraft of the 2nd tornado warned cell to come through as I call it a night and thread the needle
between storms to go north and home.