May 22 2010
Edmunds and Brown Counties South Dakota
Pretty crazy chase day out in Edmunds and Brown counties of central South Dakota.  David and Kristen Drufke
joined me for the trip west.  Horrible traffic for a Saturday back in Minnesota delayed us just long enough to miss
the Bowdle, SD EF4 by just a few minutes.  VERY frustating and another lesson on it is better to be an hour early
than 10 minutes late in the chasing game.
Animated image from the NWS Aberdeen WFO showing
the monter supercell as it crosses Edmunds and Brown
Tornado touches down near Roscoe, SD.  The three specs on the right are not sensor dust spots.  Those are mallard
ducks trying to escape the inflow!  David got some pretty funny video of them being "stuck" trying to escape east.
Thankfully this tornado crossed open areas and did no damage so it received a EF0 rating.
David getting a few wide angle structure shots as the cell makes it's right turn to the east straight at us.
Simply a stunning supercell.  Central and north central South Dakota
has been good to David and I over the years and today was no
Thanks to Andrew Butler for sending me this GR Level 3 screen grab as we head north into
the bear's cage of the hook north of Ipswich, SD.  Heading up CR 13 at the time...I think.
Just before we moved back east, it looked like the storm was going to put down another wedge
tornado.  Close but not quite as this broad area of circulation at the surface spun like crazy.
A quick look to the west/southwest in the notch as by now the cell had become totally HP with the tornado being
pretty much rain wrapped.  This was between Ipswich and Wetonka as we headed north to get out of the way.
Video capture looking to the clear slot (filled with wet RFD of course) to our west
as we continue north of Ispwich along 358th Ave.
Video capture looking to the west/northwest on 120th street as we break off the
chase due to poor visibility due to rain and darkness.  What an amazing storm!
A small video montage from the day.