May 4 2010
Chippewa County Wisconsin
There was a slight risk of severe storms with a 2% tornado risk but the soundings from the area showed a better
risk of some dry downbursts with the inverted-v's.   In all reality, this day was about being the annual shake down
run for the gear and test the new streaming setup for
Sitting on an overpass on US 53 at Tilden in Chippewa coutny.  Looking east at some
pre-frontal trough cells off to the east.   However, I was sitting right on the triple point of the
approaching low but moisture was severely lacking.
Junk, junk, junk. of the road hazzards in Wisconsin.  Looks better than TIV2 though.
Backside of the hailers off to the east as I was wating
for new development off to my west on the northeast
side of the surface low.
And the second round of "storms" heads off into the real trees to the east.
It was good to get out, but a little more moisture would have gone a long way today.
The streaming setup worked well.  I do need to add a .43 wide angle with 37mm threads at some
point as I want the viewers to be able to see everything I am seeing out the windshield.  I leave
the battery on as the extra weight helps stabilize everything a little more.
Where are the downbursts???
Junk, junk, junk.