June 26
Hutchinson County South Dakota
Sioux County Iowa
What started out as a day with a ton of potential along a warm front and mesolow in southwest Minnesota and southeast
South Dakota ended up being a cold front linear mess.  Even though we initially were on the tornado producing supercell
in Hutchinson county, everything quickly went outflow dominant with only brief embedded supercells and weak tornadoes.
The updraft base of the Hutchinson county tornado warned cell right as it went outflow
dominant.  Congrats to
Andy Gabrielson on getting the tornado up in the rain on this storm.
The cell makes one last attempt at getting it's act together with a cascading RFD but it was too late.
As we headed to the east, the outflow vs forced linear inflow battle was really fun to watch.  At one point as we crossed
over back into what was left of the inflow area, all of the windows instantly fogged over.  Pretty cool as this feature would
start to gust out to the south then wrap back around to the northeast and north as the outflow slowly won the fight.
After dumping the original storm near Tea, SD Melinda and I headed south then east near Hawarden, IA.  Melinda checks
out the approaching shelf cloud while waiting for the cold outflow to hit us.
Looking northwest from east of Hawarden, IA at the "updraft area" of the tail end Charlie cell as the linear updraft area
builds as it pushes to the south/southeast.
Scary looking clouds over the northwest Iowa landscape as we decide to call it a day and head for home. No tornadoes for
us this day but was still very enjoyable.
A 5 shot stitched panoramic of the cell northwest of Hawarden, Iowa.