June 25th
Renville, Brown and Watonwan Counties
A  frontal boundary sagged through south central Minnesota setting off a
string of storms spawning a few tornadoes , high winds, and torrential rain.
Heading west near Olivia, MN in Renville county looking northwest at an enormous wallcloud on a tornado warned storm.
After an awful delay in Oliva at the Casey's station on highway 212 while getting fuel, new cells fired just west of town
and also went tornado warned
Headed just outside of Olivia and north as the wallcloud rapidly grew and started to show some weak rotation.
Finally  got up under the wallcloud as a HP mess began with lots of precip as this area began  to wrap up.
I didn't have much time to mess around shooting stills or video as the rain really came wrapping in as this feature exhibited
good rotation and a lot of rising motion.  It also took a hard right turn and was moving almost due south so had to bail out.
After getting blasted by 70 mph winds in New Ulm trying to catch up the tornado producer running right down the
Minnesota River Valley, I gave up and decided to head west towards new cells which were also tornado warned.  
Congrats to Marc Hicks and Andy Gabrielson on catching the Revere, MN tornado this evening.
Butterfield, MN on highway 60 looking east.  What a mess!
Heading west towards Windom, MN.  This cell would produce some impressive outflow winds throwing a lot of dirt up!
After giving up at Windom as the cell looked totally outflowish, headed down to I-90 and headed back east to catch
highway 15 north for home.  Lots of severe warnings....I wonder why?
The view from the drivers seat.
After heading through the core back north  with no hail and only 50 mph winds, I stopped about 2 miles south of Madelia,
MN to watch the incredible lightning show to the south. This was without a doubt the best anvil crawler  display I have
seen in at least 5 years.  The darn mosquitos were driving me nuts!  So much for standing still!  Check out the fireflies!