July 27
Douglas, Stearns, Kandiyohi, Renville and
McLeod Counties Minnesota
A sharp cold with good forcing was dropping south from Canada as a weak
surface low with a warm front draped across central Minnesota.  I managed to
get on the tornado storm at the triple point in Douglas county Minnesota but
the cold front quickly undercut the storm.  Even the storms further to the east
in Todd and Morrison counties quickly suffered the same fate.
Turbulent skies over Douglas county Minnesota.  The storm had a tornado warning on it but was obviously
undercut and outflow dominant.
Decided to drop south as the cold front was quickly becoming a squall line diving off to the southeast.  Looking east
near Belgrade, MN.
Same spot as above but looking west as the shelf comes over the top with 50 mph winds.
South of Wilmar, MN near Blomkest looking west / northwest at the approaching shelf cloud.
Another view at the same location near Blomkest, MN.
Time to move east!
Heading east on highway 7 towards Hutchinson, MN.
Shelf catching me at Hutchinson, MN looking north over Campbell Lake.
One black and white of a stormy Minnesota evening.