July 14
Stearns County Minnesota
There was no way I was going to make the main show south of Minneapolis this
day so thankfully threre was enough instability and shear along a trailing cold
front to spawn a storm in western Stearns county that went tornado warned.
Approaching the storm on I94  west of St Cloud, MN.  Video frames coming up.
Non rotating wall cloud as we start to swing north and east out of Avon, MN.
Underside of the wall cloud with possibly a weak cut coming in from the west.
One last video fame of the wallcloud about half way between Avon and St Stephen.
Lots of motion but no spin off Quail Road north of St Joseph.
We saw a lot of funnel look a likes.  Not sure if this is one that was reported.  Bottom line is if it doesn't spin, don't call it in.
Once we got to Saint Stephen MN, we opted to let the cell go as it was getting really messy and was weakening quickly.
There was a new cell that had also formed what appeared to be just beind the cold front and was already severe warned.  
We headed back south and east with plans of intercepting it between Silver Creek and Monticello in Wright county.
Ever hear of a LP storm?  How about an NP cell?  That is what this one did within minutes of being warned.  About 5
minutes after this photo,  is was nothing but an orphan anvil drifting off to the north east.