July 13
LaMoure County North Dakota to
Ottertail County Minnesota
What started out as a linear outlow mess southwest of Jamestown, ND cycles into one of the
better supercells visually I have seen in that area for some time.  I lost track of the number of
times it cycled before we dropped the cell at Pelican Rapids, MN hours later.
Not a good start to the day as we headed west on I94 and came across this accident near Melrose, MN.  Being
our family loves horses, this was a little bothersome.  I hope the horses made it out with only minor injuries.
Stopped by my mom's in Fergus Falls for a quick lunch on the way west.  Feeding the local flying rats.
The storm was not at all impressive as it became tornado warned.  Video frame from near Lichville, ND.
Heading east near Kathryn, ND.  Still not impressive at all.
Somehow managed to run into David Drufke, my usual chase partner, and his wife Kristen near Kathryn, ND.  
The storm started to show signs of trying to organize as it moved east and the directional shear increased.
After a quick chat with Mike Hollingshead, we headed east along highway 46 near
None, ND.  The storm began to rapidly intensify into a full blown supercell.
My chase team for the day.
West of Enderlin, ND I really thought the storm was going to tornado as
the RFD came ripping around the south and east side of the wall cloud.
A  closer view of the  RFD occlusion in progress.
Video frame grab showing the wall cloud now fully
occluded with new development off to the east / southeast.
South of Leonard, ND.  Had to scoot east as  hail nearly the size of baseballs started to fall near Sheldon.  We were
going 70 and  got our doors blown off by a College Omen Doing well over 80.
One last look before navigating our way through the Cheyenne River valley west of Walcott, ND.  One of the main
reasons why I love chasing up here in July...the super slow storm motions.
Just west of Walcott, ND.  Was great to have Chris Alington stop by for a chat as we took in the nice structure.
After watching the storm cycle a couple of more times, we decided to check out the cell to the north as we this (the
original) ccll as it approached the Minnesota border.
The cell to the north did not look impressive from a distance so we took highway 75 south and caught back up with the
storm east of Comstock, MN in Clay county Minnesota.
Southeast of Barnesville, MN off highway 108.  These are the same sections I hunted coyotes in as a kid so this area still
has special meaning to me every time I come back.  Over the years, well decades now, I have seen many impressive
storms from this same point known as Lone Tree.  This time having the kids with, it made it even better.
A three shot stitched panoramic from the same location.  What a donut of a meso!
After letting the storm go into the trees east of Pelican Rapids, MN,
we headed back south through Fergus Falls to head home.
A couple of quick shots from the Big Chief truckstop above Swan Lake before heading back down I94 once again.