August 7
Wilkin County Minnesota
Another weak surface low sets  up in southeastern North
Dakota while a stationary warm front extending off the low
extended to the east over western into central Minnesota.
After hanging around the Ashby, MN exit on I94 waiting for initiation to the west with John Wetter,
a cell finally went up straight west of us in southern Richland county.  My daughter, Cailyn, and I
headed west along the Ottertail/Grant county line into Wilkin county and west of Campbell, MN.  As
we made our way towards the storm, what started out as a blocky lowering quickly morphed into a
rotating wall cloud as a tornado warning was put on the cell by the NWS out of Grand Forks, ND.
No sooner than we approached the intersection of county road 4 and Minnesota highway 75,  when the wall cloud
rapidly produced a funnel which didn't waste any time reaching for the ground.
The perspective to the tree is changing since we are still heading west in search of a north gravel road to pull off on.
Once we pulled off just east of highway 75 (where the poles are), the tornado rapidly grew in size and instensity.
A  super wide angle shot showing the lack of real imnpressive structure with the supercell. Note how far the tornado
is removed from the rain foot.  Not at all what I was expecting in the land of HP summer messes.
From this point on the tornado really didn't do much except to become a nearly station drill bit for the next 20 minutes or so.
About 10 minutes into the life cycle, the tornado started to increase in instensity and it matures out and starts to move  east
/ northeast towards our location.
Cailyn taking in the experience of her first tornado.
This would be a good time to mention the battle that has been going on in the background as we were trying to shoot stills
and vifdeo.  Almost immediately after pulling off CR4, these two dogs from the farm in the backgound show up.  They
went from being agressive to jumping in the car and wouldn't get out.  I thought only
Mike Hollingshead had these problems!
Note secondary funnel forming in the foreground.
Cailyn took a couple of photos too!
I wonder what the guy in the truck thought?  Or was thinking?
This was about the time Andy Gabrielson saw the farmstead get dismantled.