August 3
Sherburne County Minnesota
A class C3 solar flare on the sun sent a couple of cornonal mass ejections
towards the earth back on August 1st of which the first one set off a
decent geomagnetic storms triggering a display of auroras.  The fly in the
ointment was a narrow band of high clouds near the horizon which
reduced the northerns lights to glowing green blobs from our viewing
A test shot off the upper deck at home looking north / northwest
right after sunset to see of the aurora was there.  Yep....time to go.
Headed up to one of my favorite night sky spots.  There is some light pollution from
Princeton and a lot to the west towards St. Cloud but straight north is pretty good here.
Looking northeast.  The low clouds really hosed the night.
Another shot looking northeast.  This was the biggest pulse I saw and only lasted about 5 minutes with good light.
More clouds...looking north / northwest.  Hopefully the activity on the sun
keeps going as one of these times we will get a good show up here again!