June 26
Jackson County South
My quest for a scuplted supercell over the
Badlands of South Dakota continues.  
Nothing but a big linear mess.
The first cell went up down near Pine Ridge but I was holding out hope on a new cell which was going up between
Wanblee, SD and Intrerior, SD.
This was the cell I decided I would play.  I was hoping between a well definded outflow boundary from earlier
storms over the Black Hills and the cold front starting to move, things would look up for this storm.
No luck.  Not even close.  This cell along with all the others that went off at the same time quickly became outflow
junk as they started to move rapidly off to the east / northeast.
More linear junk near Interior, SD
The light was horrble.  Between the monster anvil coming up from the south and light rain falling from everything
at this point.  I started to make my way back to I90 via the Badlands National Park route.
Heading back east on I90 now trying to get ahead of the line.  The outflow heading west out the back side of the
cells did create a cool little roll cloud for a bit.
This was about a close as I came to seeing "structure".  The line was made of of quite a few embedded cells at
first.  This is looking northeast from somewhere around Murdo, SD.
I hate it when this happens.  No time to even think "OH CRAP".  Check out the video below and listen for the
gunshot crack of thunder.  I use a superwide lens on the PD170 so it looks further away than it really was.  After
this I decided to back off to the east again.
It was even hard to shoot lightning out in front of the line.  The inflow was great with the southeast winds gusting
up to 30 mph but the wind fields were all parallel.  Stayed out in front of the line to Sioux Falls, SD where it
weakened.  Should have gone to North Dakota for the attack of the leading edge suction vorticies LOL.
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