June 8th
Elbert and Arapahoe Counties
This wasn't so much of a high potential chase day as it was a day to just enjoy the views of the high
plains.  As a kid I took a trip with my grandparents out to Montana and the vast openess of the
eastern plains hooked me for life.  Some modest upsloping and dewpoints into the low 50's were
forecasted so I decided to hang around Sterling, Colorado and see what would happen.
After hanging around up north by Sterling and watching cell after cell dry up dispite the 52 degree
dewpoint just to the southeast, finally gave up and drifted south towards Fort Morgan, Colorado to
watch the cells on the Palmer Divide near Denver.  Most looked like junk as pictured above.
This little guy out near Strasburg, Colorado would occasionally spike up with some inflow bands and
look like it would produce some small hail  but it was never warned.
I really didn't care if there was a massive supercell prowling this day.  Just to be in the wide
open spaces on unclogged roads with no chaser clown posse was more than enough.  Peace and
A little further east now near Lowland, Colorado.  I can't find it on a
map but I am pretty sure that is what the sign said.
Open spaces and stormy skies.  It doesn't get much better than this for me.
Scenery off I 70
I can't recall ever seeing concrete fence posts like these
anywhere before.  Must be a Colorado thing.
The little storm looked kinda cool with a big donut hole in the middle.
Even with the lack of  severe weather, the day was still  perfect as far as I was concerned.
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