August 28th
Wright and Hennepin Counties
A cold front sagging through central
Minnesota sets off a string of non
severe outflow dominant storms
After getting woken up by the sound of distant thunder, I got up to check the radar and saw a string of weak
thnderstorms making thier way south along a cold front passing through the area.  After heading out to try to get south far
enough to take some wide angle shots, I quickly realized the cells were moving south/south east faster than I first thought.
Heading southeast on highway 55 was not working so well.  The nice roll cloud out in front of the linear updraft was about
to get caught...along with me.  No time to stop to shoot as I still wanted to drop straight south .  Looking west / northwest.
Still heading south / southeast just outside of Rockford, MN looking at the western tip of the soon to be ingested roll cloud.
One quick glimpse off to the east / northeast before the road turned to the south giving me the opportunity to try and
outrun the surging gust front associated with the shelf.
Coming into Rockford, MN as the whole complex is starting to become one big shelf.  About this time I put in a call to
Tadd Parris to let him know what was upstream and it might be worth his time to head out.  
See his pics HERE.
After heading south at Rockford, I gave up and took an east road as the shelf overtook me with a few good CG's and some
moderate rain.  Not a bad way to kick off a Friday morning.