August 19th
Brown and Blue Earth Counties Minnesota
After missing the tornado which struck the Minneapolis downtown area, I headed west and south to some new
development near New Ulm, Minnesota.  Although the instability was not great overalll, the low level
instability was pretty good.  When coupled with some steep low level lapse rates and very good directional
shear, a pair of nice mini supercells put on an enjoyable evening show.  This was an old school chase with
nothing more than one camera, a cell phone, a weather radio, and my eyes.  A huge thanks to
Eric Whitehill
for doing the nowcasting to get me in the path of the first cell so I could go visual only from there on.
Tornado warned storm northwest of  Hanska, MN in Brown County.  Spotters had reported multiple funnels and brief
touchdowns just prior to this near Springfield, MN to the west.  Darn low LCL's.  That is for sure.
Ducking back over to highway 15 looking west.  Looks pretty outflow dominant at the time to me.
North of Madelia, MN now.  Still spotter reported funnels coming in.  Note all the scud tags on the leading edge.  Hmmmm?
Now this is interesting.  An area of rapid vertical motion on the eastern side with a mini-tail cloud of sorts feeding into it.
Looking west again at more sharks teeth on the leading edge.
Kind of west of Madelia, MN off CR 3 and east of LaSalle.  Rather odd feature with some dirt getting kicked up on the
western side.  It would have been interesting to have had data at this time.
Looking west at the turbulent updraft area in the linear portion of the storm.
Looking northeast from the intersection of CR3 and highway 15 on the north side of Madelia, MN.
About half way between Madelia, MN and Lake Crystal, MN looking west at the vault area
with a lot of scud getting caught  in the updraft.
Headed south and east to just west of Garden Center, MN off CR20.  About this time the
cell just to the east of me is torn warned for the public reporting a tornado 4 miles
northwest of Good Thunder, MN.  I AM about  6  miles northwest of Good Thunder.
I turn around at look at the updraft of the cell immediately to my east.  Lots of pointy stuff but
nothing which was obviously rotating.  About this time MPX called me to find out if I had seen
anything.  Unless I blinked and missed it, this tornado never happened. There was a lot of scud
moving around and with the sun setting behind the rain shafts, I'm sure it LOOKED scary.