August 14th
Ottertail County Minnesota
A fairly strong but slow moving
cold front starts to push it's
way into northwestern
Minnesota triggering
non-severe storms.
After getting a semi-late start, my original plan was to try to meet up with Eric Whitehill near Wahpeton, ND to
shoot a little lightning tonight.  The storms had other ideas though  and I never made it past Fergus Falls, MN.
There is a whole lot going on in this pic.  Taken just off I94 and CR25 on the south side of Fergus Falls.  There
was a blue box up in this area but I wasn't expecting a whole lot with the weakly sheared environment.
The storms were making their way to the east and noth faster than what I had planned on so I had to quickly
move north and east of Fergus Falls to stay on the lightning coming from the south side.
Ended up on the south side of Maplewood State Park near Pelican Rapids, MN.  Having grown up in this area
helped as I knew where the hills and tree gaps were  as this is smack in the middle of Minnesota lake county.
Does this qualify as a near hit or a near miss?
Not the best day but certainly not the worst.  Waiting to see what tomorrow brings as the front edges it's way east.