April 17
Sherburne National Wildlife
Refuge Controlled Burn
Part of the ecology of this area is the fact fires do naturally occur.  The fires clean out dead material and help stimulate new
growth and the lifecycle of some plants.  A few weeks ago I got a tip from a friend of mine who lives near the refuge the US
Fish and Wildlife Service was going to do several large prescribed burns within the 30,700 acre refuge.

This spring (if you can call it that up here this year) has been very dry of late with above normal temps drving the relative
humidities down to the point where all of the dead grasses and timber has become explosively dry.  I tipped off Randy Nelson
and Doug Kiesling about this upcoming event so over the past 10 days or so we were trading info back and forth and finally on
the 17th the weather conditions were condusive to allow a partial burn.  A work commitment and short photo shoot for an co
worker kept me trapped in the office as they were starting the burn, but I did manage to make it to the big show as the three
fires met in the middle of a huge section creating an awesome sight with the bright white and pitch black smoke against the blue
2009 Images
I didn't  shoot that much video of this
event as the action really wasn't fast
enough to warrant it.  However I did
shoot enough to put together some
timelapse of the smoke and fire for this
short video.