October 15, 2008
Hawk Ridge
Duluth, MN
Brisk northwest winds had us give the late season raptor migration a try.  The lighting was horrible most of
the day with dark overcast conditions, but a short sunny window during the middle of the day did offer few
View looking out over the ridge and down onto Lake Superior
Lunch along the road side.  By the afternoon it did warm up quite a bit.
Cullen shooting some stock video of hawks rising up over the ridge to the north of us.
Major 400mm crop of a red tail
More red tail.  The sharp shinned and kestrels were really hard to shoot riding on the strong northwest winds.
Seemed like these were the only birds we could get to cooperate.  We saw quite a few eagles also but
they stayed well to the west of ridge or up so high they we didn't have enough lens power.
The nest time we try this, it will be earlier in the migration say mid-September.  
Time to wait for the eagles to arrive on the Mississppi for the winter.