May 31 2008
Central Minnesota
A slight risk day with some pretty good
instability and very cold upper level temps
almost right in the back yard again.
Keep in mind these storms are all moving
southeast so don't let the orientation of the
updraft bases fool you in the pics.
This is near St. Cloud, MN in Benton county.  (Don't bother calling the Benton county
chaser police).  The base never really got it's act together and looked totally outflowish.
About this time I was ready to throw in the towel on the storm and head to a better looking
one coming out of Morrison county to the north.
Looking south at the updraft area of the storm I bail on.  It's about over Clear Lake, MN
now...and will go tornado warned in a few minutes.  Note how crisp the building convection is.
The reason I was in no hurry to fly back south was I had this slowly rotating wall cloud on a
severe warned storm coming right at me about 2 miles or so west of Buckman, MN.
***Note the white speck in front of the wall cloud?  It's not  dust  on my sensor***
It's not Verne Carlson working on his Wicked Witch Project.
It's a real moron in a real airplane flying right across the face of the wall.  Nice...
Or maybe it's some guy from the Oklahoma broadcast media on vacation up here?
Looking at the core to the northeast of Buckman, MN
Slowly rotating rain curtains west-northwest of Buckman, MN
The video of this will make great Skywarn training material.  Is it a tornado or not?
Note the pointy nub in the middle of the wall cloud.
A little further south now about 7 miles east of Royalton, MN
No roation left but lots of rising motion with inflow still
One fun picture.  Cullen's camera working hard with the wide angle lens on.  It was one of the
rare times the sun was actually shining in from the west creating near perfect lighting.
Made a weak attempt at going back south after the tornado warned storm moving towards the Minnepolis
metro area.  Lots of danglies under the updraft but I was too far to see if they were rotating.  Headed home
and was rewarded with this view as Melinda and I got ready for some well deserved dinner.
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