May 29 2008
North Central Nebraska
Hanging around Orchard, NE waiting for initiation.  PDS torn box was up and I
was feeling pretty good about this area with the warm front in the next county
north.  Wasn't too concerned about the early storms to the south along I80.
This little guy went up just a couple of miles  north of Orchard and was obviously
rotating but blow off from the anvils from the storms to the south were quickly
thickening and soon we had some light rain....then POOF...everything lit up at once.
Every base we saw would quickly stretch out showing the winds were rapidly becoming
unidirectional killing the chance for discreet supercells.  About this time I was kicking myself for
not hanging back nearer highway 81 so I had a quick north option to cross the river.
I guess there is a real problem with the access points to the
rangeland getting blocked by traffic in far eastern Holt county.
More shelf video for something to do.
The storms were really bad so started looking for something to at least put in front of
them which was interesting.
This scud tag being ingested into the linear updraft was the only hint of inflow we saw.
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