May 25 2008
Wright County Minnesota
~Our condolences to the families of the victims this tragic day~
A more detailed chase account can be found on my blog
Tail cloud and the underside of the wall cloud on the supercell shortly after initiation near Annandale, MN
Video grab from Cullen using a .7x wide
angle showing the wall cloud with well
definded clear slot cutting in.
Video grab from Cullen showing the meso
really getting cut by the RFD now.  Do or die
for this cycle.
Video grab from Cullen .  Me trying to get a
few stills before this thing eats us.  Moving
east / northeast at nearly 50 mph now.
Video grab from Cullen .  David Drufke gets
a few stills of the tail cloud before bailing
south to get on the south side and out of the
Near Maple Lake, MN.  Cell is tornado warned and I really thought this going to do it at this point.  
As Cullen shot video, I kept scanning the ground for debris.  Incredible cascading RFD with very
strong rotation and rising motion.  We followed the cell east towards the metro area but the roads and
heavy traffic made it too dangerous to continue the pursuit.  The cell would eventually spawn a
destructive, fatal EF3 torando starting near Coon Rapids, MN and continuing through Hugo, MN.
Typical of the hail damage we saw along and north of Wright CR 37
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Melinda's view looking west at the approaching wall cloud in Buffalo, MN
Looking east from Buffalo, MN after the wall cloud passed overhead