Another bow echo came racing out of western Minnesota again.  This time several community festivals were in it's path.  
Thankfully there were no deaths and only minimal property damage.
A long lived gustnado in Meeker county prompted a tornado warning to be issued after
spotters reported  a debris field.  This was on the leading edge of a shelf.  Video frame.
Video frame.  The gustnado continues to rocket off to the east/south east toward Dassel, MN.
Video frame.  Dirt blowing across highway 15 north of Dassel, MN.  52.5 mph top gust.
Video frame.  Cars were having a tough time negotiating the bad visibility and high winds.
Video frame.  This is the leading edge shelf cloud under which the reported "tornado" was located.
Far more interesting was this small supercell which went up just to the southwest of the main line
most likely on the outflow.
Sun setting under the cell.  Location is about 6 miles southwest of Cokato looking west/northwest.
I have no idea what to make of the feature on the right side of the base.  The video shows it
extending down slowly then kind of thinning.  I wrote it off as a precip shaft as it was so translucent.
Really weird coloring to the sunset.
This feature made me laugh as the local spotters were reporting everything from a rapidly rotating
wall cloud to "a possible non-rotating funnel".   I finally had to shut of the radio.  I never made one
report as I never had a true reportable condition despite being on both storms for several hours.
Lightning south of Howard Lake, MN
Lightning over our neighborhood.  Just enough precip calling to blur out the strike.
A double strike to finish off the night.
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