June 11th 2008
Western Iowa
Another round of killer tornadoes tears through the midwest.
Our condolences to the families of the four scouts killed at the Little Sioux Scout Camp near Onawa, IA
Initiation on the Nebraska side on the river across from Onawa, IA west of Decatur, NE.
Video frame.  Exiting off I29 north at Salix, IA.  This feature was not rotating at the time.
East side of Salix, IA a wall cloud with a weak tail begins to rapidly form.  Still no rotation.
East side of Salix, IA before D25.  Weakly rotating at this point but not even close to tornadic.
Video frame.  Still only weak rotation as the cell goes tornado warned.
Video frame.  Better rotation.  Some whispy danglies as we loose the storm into the hills.
Looking north off D25.
Same location as the photo above but a crop zoomed in a little more on the wall cloud.
2nd HP tornado warned cell somewhere around Moville IA.
No chance of going in there to see if there is a tornado.
3rd HP tornado warned cell.  About impossible to stay with the circulation as the wet
RFD would quickly cut off any views to the north or northwest.  The cells were moving
too quickly to the northeast to safely stay in the inflow notch to see a tornado.
This the 4th tornado warned HP cell and if I am correct, also the same cell which hit the
Little Sioux Scout Camp and caused the 4 fatalities.  Could only briefly get a peak before
ducking north and east.  Just south of Cherokee IA on 59 heading north.
Now things get a little dicey.  I had no intentions of going through town with the feature
and associated couplet passing pretty much over the southern half.  As we sat at the
intesection above, the inflow gusted to 68 mph from the southeast then rapidly shifted to
the southwest at 74 mph with bliding rain curtains.  I doubt if there was a tornado which
passed to the north of us but it as close.  The roads instantly flooded causing us to limp
back up to highway 3.
Video frame.  This is our view looking east as we let whatever is wrapped in the rain
track off to the northeast away from us.
Video frame.  Heading east on 3 towards Pocahontas IA
Tornado warned storm between Laurens IA and Havelock IA.  Looks pretty outflowish to me.
Close up of the area with the couplet.  Not wrapping up at all.
Tornado warned HP passes just north of Havelock IA
Hardest part getting home last night was trying to get north.  As we were
waiting in West Bend IA for a tornado warned circulation to pass, a small
circulation popped up right over us.  More wild wind shifts in the rain.
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