June 7th
North Central Iowa
A nearly stationay boundary set up through the northern counties of Iowa producing a family of tornadic supercells
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Whales mouth linear updraft area near Mason City Iowa as I call it a day
Cell dies a cold outflow death northeast of the Mason City Iowa airport
Cold outflow begins to rapidy rip the cell apart
Very weak wall cloud passing to the north of Mason City Iowa on the fouth
tornado warned storm of the day
Brief condensation funnel wrapped in rain near St. Ansgar Iowa
Slowly rotating lowering on the third tornado warned storm
near St. Ansgar Iowa
Shelf cloud gusts out east of Northwood Iowa
Storm begins to cycle as it goes outflow dominant
This was about the closest this cell came to producing over Northwood as it wraps up briefly
Beastly wall cloud with clear slot trying to work around the back side near Northwood IA
Surprisingly nice structure in Worth county Iowa
Looking northeast towards Austin, MN at distant funnel
Large RFD cut trying to occlude the wall cloud  looking north from northeast of Northwood IA
First wall cloud passing just north of Northwood IA.
No rotation yet but the cascading RFD was fun to watch.
Video #1
Brief weak tornado partially rain
Video #2
Brief weak tornado partially rain
Video #3
Fun  time lapse of linear updraft /