July 25
Wright County Minnesota
Non severe storm
After watching a nice cell come crawling out of Stearns county and dinging around home about
15 minutes too long, Melinda and I intercepted the storm near St. Michael, Minnesota.
The cell had a nice wall cloud when we first got on the storm but the contrast was horrible as we
were stuck looking to the northeast against the core.  On radar, the cell was showing supercell
characteristics with a well defined appendage hooking off to the southwest side.
Biggest issue this storm had was  it was sitting right on boundary where the winds veered to the
southwest then sharply to the west effectively undercutting the updraft with much drier air and
also elongating the same area.
Rain curtains falling off to the east of the updraft base.
More rain curtains.  Note the lowering behind the precip.
About this time the updraft really took on a horseshoe shape before stretching out.
Base is now totally stretched out.  View is looking due west from the same location as the photo above.
One final attempt as the cell tries to put together a lowering with some mild motion.
The storm rapidly weakens as it move off to the southeast into Hennepin county.
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