May 22nd
Ness, Trego and Ellis Counties Kansas
Tornado warned storm moving directly over Hays, KS.  Cullen, Tim, and myself could hear the
sirens.  Very spooky.
The southern storm tries one last time as the wall cloud becomes occluded
The horses were willing to pose with the wall cloud in the back
Hail falls as we continue to keep close tabs on the cyclic cell
Cullen and I having a great time in the strong inflow...and blowing dirt!
Beautiful structure on this cell.  I wish I had a 10mm lens!
Tim takes in the views and sounds of the new split
A strong wall cloud develops
Initiation south of WaKeeney, KS
The first cell begins to develop a very round base as it becomes tornado warned
2007 chase home
Funnel begins to drop from video grab...or is it?
No funnel, it's the tail cloud viewed from the south/southeast